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A Stay-At-Home Coronavirus Adventure

A Stay-At-Home Coronavirus Adventure (Google Drive Downloadable Version, MSU-only access)

A Stay-At-Home Coronavirus Adventure (Playable Embedded Version on, public access)

Interactive fiction and digital photography. Made with Twine 2.3.7.

Under the ever-permeating stress of exponentially increasing US coronavirus cases, can you, as me, make enough of the right choices that will keep you mentally strong and free from infection?

The line “You didn’t make good choices, you had good choices,” from “Little Fires Everywhere,” succinctly described how intersectionality can be viewed as the limited choices one has through multiple disadvantages. The Stay-At-Home Coronavirus Adventure reveals my particular complex intersection of privilege and self-consciousness through the combination of individual choices and social interactions, respectively.

Making the Stay-At-Home Coronavirus Adventure, while not a typical making activity involving hardware, tools, or circuitry, is closely related to making because the project let me connect to learning and understanding of my context and identity via an alternate mode of expression. All making is not merely “doing” which is what I thought previously, but instead an opportunity to learn in a way that students can find more beneficial than when only offered a single choice of expression.

I am a maker, even though I never thought of myself as one. But, all activity that creates rather than consumes and that leads to learning and understanding is making. Aside from the Stay-At-Home Coronavirus Adventure itself, the choices within the adventure like cooking, studying, and making spreadsheets(!), all activities that I have done during the pandemic, are all making activities.

I just don’t plan on introducing those particular making activities to my students. I intend to author other choices for them.

After we all make it through the pandemic.


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