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More to Add to My Checklist for Assessment Design

I’ve added a couple more questions to my Assessment Design Checklist:

3. Did I provide classroom time for students to receive and process teacher feedback?

4. Did I provide students with a way (likely a survey) to gauge their understanding of content?

Similar to questions #1 and #2 discussed in my previous checklist post, question #3 is basic teacher practice. However, it’s basic teacher practice that I have not been practicing! (Hence, my still-unlicensed status). My previous working assumption had been that students learn enough through debugging their programs; but I realize now the role of a CS instructor isn’t to merely provide CS experiences; but also CS education.

And that means giving students feedback not on just how to improve their programs, but how to improve their understanding of CS concepts.

#4 is interesting. Students, especially young students, are unlikely to have developed metacognitive skills surrounding their understanding of CS. More likely, they’re just overwhelmed trying to get a program to work. A survey with prepared multiple-choice answers that helps students identify areas of their own lack of understanding would go a long way to showing them what metacognition in CS is and how to do it.


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