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Testing Assessment Through Canvas

I am in my second year teaching computational thinking as a professional development instructor for teachers in two local school districts. About three quarters of the teachers are in a district that chose to use Canvas for comprehensive distance learning (CDL), and the other district chose Google Classroom.

In exploring the potential use of a content management system (CMS) for organizing, managing, and administering assessments, I created a three minute video of my testing an assessment on Canvas:

Using Canvas for assessement.

One drawback that I found was that students are unable to use Canvas annotations and rubric commenting on their own assignment submissions as ways to self-assess. They can, however, provide assignment comments. Having students annotate their own assignments prior to submission while referring to the rubric would be an acceptable workaround.

The other issue I ran into was that instructors and peers cannot annotate the same assignment submission. Providing two assignments for copies of the same submission, one intended for instructor review and the other intended for peer review, was a simple enough solution.

I suspect that districts that moved to CDL and purchased CMSs for the first time would be hard-pressed to end their contracts after the pandemic ends. The organization, affordances, and functionality of CMSs such as Canvas should enhance instruction no matter the situation: in-person, virtual, or hybrid.


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